Honeybee crashes rhino when I drop Honeybee on canvas

Hi all,

I’ve recently installed (and reinstalled) Rhino, Grasshopper and all necessary plugins to run Honeybee and Ladybug. When I drop the Honeybee component on the canvas, it crashes my Rhino. Rhino doesn’t crash when I drop the Ladybug component. I have no idea what causes the crash, does anybody know how to solve this? I’m using Rhino 6.16, Honeybee 0.0.64 and Ladybug 0.0.67


Hi,@jerryp I am using Rhino6.1 for Honeybee 0.0.64 and Ladybug 0.0.67. It is very stable.

I’ve found out that if I remove “import uuid” from the code of the Honeybee_honeybee component, I can add it to the canvas. I suppose this is an essential library, to run Honeybee? Do you know what this might be related to?

I have got the same problem. yesterday it worked fine, but today Rhino closes when i drop a honeybee componend on the canvas.
I did already re-install the honeybee components but it still doesn’t work.
does someonee know how to fix this?