Honeybee Custom EP Construction does not update during optimization

I am trying to optimize a model and I need the u-value of the customized EP materials to change each iteration but the new iterated material couldn’t be updated in the library so the u-value stayed the same value for all the materials.

How can I fix this, please?
How can the library be updated with the new iterated EP construction?

I would suggest just assigning the construction directly to Honeybee objects instead of trying to write it to the memory of the Grasshopper doc. Given that the writing to memory happens separately from checking the construction properties, it’s easy for the two components to be out of sync.

Also, I would really recommend upgrading to LBT 1.2 since this whole workflow of writing constructions into the local memory has been replaced with much better and more robust way of assigning and storing constructions.

Thank you so much for the quick reply. Yes, I have removed the memory part and it worked.

I want to ask other questions please; per the attached screenshots, the values in the columns are for:
1-GWP Embodied
2-GWP from Electricity
3-Surface Energy Flow
4-Opaque Energy Flow
5-Glaze Energy Flow
6-Total Solar Gain

When these values are represented on the model they are almost the same colors, I need to know if these values are logical or accepted for a residential building (villa of two floors) or not in a hot arid zone? Should I do the analysis for each month to see the difference in the energy flow?

Also, the values for the Surface Energy Flow don’t match the values which are represented on the third block (the blue one). Am I missing something here?

I am trying to understand these results more in order to perform my thesis analysis.

Should I attach the Grasshopper script?

Thank you so much for your consideration.