Honeybee Custom Shade Geometry Results

Hi All,

I have been trying to simulate the impact of a custom facade geometry on the peak solar gain admitted through fixed glazing, but slightly puzzled by the results seen with and without this shading applied (and all other variables fixed).

I am generating a custom diamond shading facade geometry with triangular apertures within (image below). For a south facing shoebox model (10.5m wide x 6m deep), I’m getting a peak solar gain of over 70 W/m2 without shading (quite poor), and down to 6 W/m2 with shading (almost too good). After editing the depth of this shading the peak solar gain doesn’t respond and stays at 6 W/m2. This suggests that EnergyPlus is not recognising the shade device properly, but the Honeybee geometry preview shows the geometry correctly.

My GH file is attached. Please could someone help troubleshoot this?

606_03 PEAK SOLAR GAIN MODEL V2.gh (334.2 KB)


Hi Again, just flagging this in the event that anyone can help?

Hey @jwoodall ,

Your file doesn’t have any geometry internalized and it’s pretty hard to figure out what you want us to look at but I can at least say that this solar distribution is not the best:

If you really care about solar load, I would recommend using one of the better options and maybe using the PixelCounting method.