Honeybee data sorting

Hi everyone!

I have two issues that I am stuck on and I would really appreciate if someone could help me!

  1. As indicated on the attached picture I have 4 roof surfaces for which I calculated hourly surface temperatures. The problem is that I want to make an average for every hour out of all 4 surfaces, but the data is not divided into branches and instead of getting data for 4 x 8760 I get all data at once (35000).

  2. The second problem I have is related to the data is related to the walls. How can I classify the orientation of each surface (north, east, etc…). The reason I want to do this is to make an average temperature of all surfaces located towards each orientation.

Thank you very much in advance!

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HB surfaces test.gh (469 KB)

Hi Mihail,

  1. I haven’t opened the file but I assume it is a result of grafted data for _srfData input. You just need to flatten it.

  2. Honeybee doesn’t have a component for that but you can use Grasshopper and check the angle of each surface normal to Y-axis (which is north).


Thanks Mostapha!

  1. It works now, I tried flattening it before but it for some reason did not work.

  2. Yes, this function I know. Thanks, though


As for 2., this seems like a reasonable enough of a user request. I will try to make a component for it at some point: