Honeybee Daylight Analysis returning No radiation

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to using honeybee, and I’m trying to solve a problem similar to this post:


I’m running an analysis based on the solution Chris Mackey posted in that thread, but I’m getting no data out of my daylight analysis for cumulative radiation values. I’ve attached my file with simplified geometry and the weather file that I am using. Any help would be much appreciated!


Radiation_Test.gh (483 KB)
CHN_Guizhou.Guiyang.578160_CSWD.epw (1.67 MB)

I’ve made some headway getting it to return radiation information, but I’m seeing a different problem now. There are drastic differences between analysis just one day apart.

Here is September 22 from noon to 12pm:

and here is September 21:

September 21 is what I would expect to be seeing as this is a tall building. I expect there to be a large shadow. Why would the results be so drastically different just one day apart?

Radiation_Test_2.gh (658 KB)

As per your weather-data, the direct-normal radiation for almost all the hours on the 22nd is zero. This implies that the sun is occluded by clouds.

Hi Sarith,

That’s interesting, I didn’t realize that kind of thing was taken into account in weather files! I guess I’ll have to find some less cloudy days! I’ll check it out tomorrow and see if it works.