Honeybee Daylight Simulation error

Hi Mostapha,

Lately the Run Daylight Simulation has stopped working. It says ‘Solution exception:Multiple targets could match: int(type, IList[Byte]), int(type, object), int(type, Extensible[float])’

and it highlight a couple of line in python saying that some of inputs are matching.

I can’t understand where I am wrong.



dayl_sim_err.gh (99.9 KB)

Hi Claudio. Just set the right number for simulationType input and the error will go away. I need to set up an internal check for this inside the component. I assume you have it empty right now. -Mostapha

Ops - sorry! I did a pretty silly mistake.

Thank you!


sorry to disturb you once again. In this sample file I attached I tried changing the north vector, but it seems to involve no effects. Thank you for your patience.


PS: I am trying to do a glare analysis and the sun direction is pretty important. I can not rotate my room because of the ies2hb component.

north_.gh (182 KB)

Hi Claudio. This is a known bug (https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/issues/20). It hasn’t been really implemented. Sorry! :slight_smile:

For now you need to rotate the geometry itself. I will fix this soon. I’m thinking to remove the north input from runDaylight and add it to sky components. I’m not sure yet.


Ah, ok. That one could be a solution even if the option would be excluded from the annual analysis that doesn’t need the sky components but just the weather file. Maybe there should be the option to add the north vector in the annual analysis too.

Thank you


One vote here to leave it on the Honeybee Run Daylight Simulation component (when fixed) similar to the radiation analysis component and not on he sky component!


Happy Thanks Giving!


Hi Dimitris,

This is already applied to skies and is working except for annual analysis. :slight_smile: Since the component is dealing with so many different analysis type I had to keep it outside the component.

Thanks and happy thanksgiving! I hope I can address some of the open issues including yours during the long holidays.