Honeybee daylight simulation - grid row


could someone help me please?

is it possible to do daylight factor simulation for each row of a grid separately so i can do an average of DF of each row? please see the image. i cannot create a branch for each row using tree components

thanks in advance

Hi @albertomorales,

Try deconstructing the points into their x y z and then use cset to categorise by x.

Timo’s shared a great set of components here to use cset to then make new data trees.

The data tree can then be used to make new HB sensor grids

thanks, what does cset mean?

Create set :slight_smile:

thanks i realise later when i see the exercise

but what i have is each coordinate x,y,z separately but following the number of point of each sublist but in need to merge all of them but keeping the number of each sublist

i hope i explain myself properly


thanks anyway

jajaja it is not done :frowning: