Honeybee Daylight Simulation - Incorrectly High Lux Values

I am running a Daylight Simulation, and my results don’t seem believable. Im getting 4000 Lux!
Rhino Units are set to Meters, Tolerance 0.01
Any thoughts?

In the Image below:
-West facade is the near facade
-3pm, August 1st
-San Diego, CA
-Building is 60m x 20m

(Im new and not allowed to upload files yet)

Your definition is hard to see. Can’t tell what is a window and what is a wall.
But the question is why do you think is incorrect? How much you expect?

Acoording to the result image and the grasshooper defintion you posted, I think you lost the geometry of the roof.
Sky illumanince is about 10000-20000lux, 4000lux is normal result for the area near the window in overcast sky,

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Hi @AbrahamYezioro & @minggangyin,

When I adjust the legend, it seems that I’m getting around 10,000 lux near the windows and 2,000 lux in the center of the floor plate. Im not very familiar with appropriate values, but these just seemed high. The analysis is set in San Diego, CA in August at 3pm. This is a very hot and bright time of year.

The other thing, is that I have created vertical fins to test, but they don’t seem to have much effect.

Definition is attached.

Thank you for your help!

Costa Verde-Creative Office.gh (659.9 KB)

Image of Definition mentioned above:

Update, it seems to be responding well to horizontal shading, below I added a 10ft roof overhang.

The 2 images compare a different amount of vertical fin shading, there is a vast difference in density of vertical fins, but the Daylight Analysis shows minimal difference.

Respective Values:

Ok, so maybe I just didnt have the fins plugged into the Analysis…shucks. Do these values seem believable?

Hello, I am doing daylight simulation with honeybee, and the result seems to be very incorrect. I tried doing this on a rectangular show box model, then the results were correct, but on my actual plan, the lux values seem to be very high.

The glazing ratio is 46% throughout.