HoneyBee Daylight "striped" results


I ve got this strange stripes in the Daylight results visualization and I ve spend already some time trying to understand the problem source. I did some basic geometry test and still got the same problem. Do you have any ideas where it might come from?

I ve just started working on the Daylight analysis and I am new to the LB tools.

Hi @Marina, looks like you need to set an appropriate ambient division parameter. There’s a component that can help do that for you, or search the forum for ambient division for more threads on the topic

Looking closer at your screenshot your offset seems to be set to 0. This is another likely cause for error, sensors shouldn’t be aligned with a surface, always set some degree of offset

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Besides @charlie.brooker 's comment, check the range of the legend. Is there a possibility that the min/max are so close that it creates what you see.


Thank you @charlie.brooker Indeed the offset parameter had to be set with some distance. Also the direction in my case was such that the sensors were under the floor and not above it so I “flip” it.

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