Honeybee Daylight Workshop / Webinar

Greeting Ladybug Community!

This is just to let you know that there will be a 3-hour workshop/webinar on Honeybee Daylight on April 24th. The workshop will cover all of the basics of setting up daylight simulations at a pace where those with Honeybee pre-installed can follow along. This will be followed by a faster, near-complete overview of all daylight simulation types and the application of the results to design.

The organizers of the webinar have greatly decreased the cost for registration to just $10 so, if you have been looking to pick up some knowledge on the daylighting tools, this is a great opportunity to get you started and obtain an overview of what you can do. For seasoned daylight users, I think you will find some new features covered in the workshop that you might not have been aware of initially.

The workshop is a part of a larger series on energy tools that you can find here (http://www.performance.network/).
You can register for the Honeybee Daylight event by going to this address:


Hope to see see you there!


How to watch

from February 27. ?


Hi Igor,

To be honest, I am not sure if Arpan recorded everything but I will ask him as soon as I can. I can say that you can find most of everything that was covered in the workshop between these two youtube playlists:




Hi Chris,


OH yes., it has covered most of the things ,. Interesting . Keep it up.