Honeybee doesnt recognize / find the construction sets

hallo. i am new in Rhino / GH / honeybee and using mac. I want to use my own construction sets and GH doesnt recognize them , which means that the route is not correct. I have been super invent-full in understanding where these need to be copied and I am still not successful in doing this.

@tanyas is taking my class but since I don’t have any experience using Mac I can’t assist her.
The default standards libraries are identified. The issue happens with user defined libraries (materials, constructions, constructions sets, etc) that are not recognized, even though they are located where they are supposed to. Checking with the HB_Config standards output confirm the folder Tanya is using but still … no use.
@chris (or any other mac user that succeeded setting the libraries location) , can you point her where to look for?


Hey @AbrahamYezioro and @tanyas ,

I just ran a test on my wife’s old MacBook and it’s all working well for me:

I am using this JSON file of some constructions to test but it should work just as well for IDF files:
RISN-TG013-2012.json (115.2 KB)

However, in both cases, the IDF file or JSON file has to either be following IDF or HBJSON schema correctly in order to be loaded. So maybe you should check the file contents to be sure this is all correct.

Also, I realize that the location of the standards library is a little odd on Mac but, if you put the files in the location that the HB Config component tells you, things should work.

Thanks @chris for checking.
I’m providing the JSON files for the libraries we use. They work well for all students using windows. But just in case do you mind checking this file (construction set) and see if it works for you? The keyword to search is IS_5280.
IS_5280_ConstSets.json (874.5 KB)

FWIW, on my Mac, when this file is in the constructionset folder, it all appears to load as expected:



Thanks a lot @edpmay !!
It is worth a lot!
Now we know there is something going on on @tanyas 's machine.

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Thank you All,
it eventually worked after i did a number of things, so not really sure what worked. I logged off , and when i logged back on then I saw the libraries .