Honeybee[+] dose not work corecctly

I use honeybee[+] for daylight simulation with a simple model but I think my simulation is not correct because the CDA index is 100. In the same setting the result change or in which iterate the result will change.
my file is there. could any one help me?
honeybee plus example.gh (545.0 KB)

Your file is mixing Honeybee Legacy and Honeybee[+] components so I wouldn’t really expect it to work. Also both Honeybee Legacy and Honeybee[+] are deprecated. For annual daylight simulations, you should be using the new LBT 1.4 plugin.

My recommendations to use LBT 1.4 still stands but I’ll admit that I was able to get your file to run and the results make sense.

honeybee plus example_CWM.gh (548.6 KB)

I’m not sure what you were doing on your end but all that I changed was the EPW file.

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