Honeybee Double Skin Facade

Hello friends, I have one urgente question for my academic work, and I didn’t find other topics that answered my question.

I want to model a building that has a facade similar to this one.

This is no ventilated facade. would it be correct to model a zone that would represent the double layer of the facade and add the window opening as airwall?


You can follow this approach or create a construcction like so

That’s the right idea @devang but, unfortunately, mixing opaque and window materials into the same construction like that will cause E+ to crash. Just today, I was implementing warnings in Honeybee[+] core libraries that will help catch this case in the future as people are putting constructions together (rather than waiting until the simulation crashes).

In the same vein of what you are suggesting, you can create a glazing material with 0 transmittance that approximates the opaque material in the construction that you are trying to make. You can even make it thick to capture its thermal resistance and put this all together into a window construction.

If that ends up being unsatisfactory, modeling the air gap as a zone is also sometimes acceptable as you see in this example here , assuming the air gap is wide enough that the convection assumptions EnergyPlus makes about zones are still relevant.

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Good to know that @chris. Thanks a lot!