Honeybee Dynamic Shading: Maximum Shading Groups


While working on the dynamic shading I have a quick question about the maximum shading groups we could have in one annual simulation: how many shading groups can we have in one annual simulation with advanced dynamic shading control? According to this post, the number is 2: https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/issues/414

Honeybee advancedDynamixSHDRecipe allows multiple (>2) Shading States for each Shading Group, which is helpful if we have one Shading Group like Venetian blinds (controlled by 1 interior sensor but could be open at multiple angles). If on one facade, we have 4 curtains that each one has 1 interior sensor on the wall facing the center of the curtain to control open/close (2 states), ideally there will be 4 shading groups. If the upper limit is 2, shall we run the simulation twice, each time with 2 shading groups while keeping the other 2 curtains closed?

Thanks for your help in advance!



Daysim, and so the legacy version of Honeybee, only supports two shading groups. Again, this is something that you can use Honeybee[+] and use as many shading groups as you want.

Hi Mostapha,

When you say Honeybee[+], what exactly it is? Upgrade version of Honeybee? Still a plug-in based on grasshopper?

If you can provide a link for this plug-in it will be great. Really want to know what Honeybee[+] can do for building simulations.

Many Thanks