Honeybee Dynamic Shading with BSDF Material


While working on the dynamic shading simulation, after a few tests I found the annual simulation with dynamic shading cannot generate .ill files.

I ran 2 tests, one with shade of Trans material, which works fine, another with shade of BSDF material (other settings remain the same), it will not generate ill file, but there is no error shown in any honeybee component either. I took a screenshot as below:

Unknown type BSDF. I tested this BSDF material I used in this simulation in a simple box for annual/point-in-time simulation, which works fine. But I also attached the xml file to this post.

Any suggestions/previous experience with BSDF dynamic shading would be much appreciated! Thanks!



2011-SA28.XML (1.93 MB)


My mistake about this post. Actually this was answered by Mostapha before: Daysim can’t handle BSDF material. Check this discussion for possible solutions: https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/issues/563.

However in this post on Oct 2, 2016, “For anyone who may read this discussion later. Th implementation is done in the newer version of Honeybee which is not yet publicly released for Grasshopper.”. I’m using the 2017 Feb 05 version of Honeybee, but it seems that the annual simulation still cannot handle BSDF material. Any thoughts? Thanks!

That’s correct! You can download the new Honeybee[+] from GitHub. I will reply with more details in a separate email.

Would you mind sharing that with me as well? I am glad to try it out.

Can you shoot me an email at: mostapha@ladybug.tools