Honeybee[+] Dynamic Shading

Hi guys,

I hope you are doing well! Recently, I am trying to conduct a dynamic shading simulation for glare. The recipe I am using is “Imageless Glare Recipe” thanks to @mikkel . Since this recipe doesn’t provide dynamic calculation, I tried to do the simulation several times with different shading scenarios and combine the data together. However, the process of addressing the data is really long. Therefore, I would like to ask if there is any way with Python that I can run the simulation a lot of time and the results will be saved instead of overwrote. Sorry for my little knowledge of Python. Please help me.

Another question I have is about the dynamic shading setting for 3 phase recipe. I am not sure how the grasshopper definition will be “if I have several shading panels and, at the same time, I already have the schedule for each panel.” To be more clear, I am trying to use “Window Group State” and “Dynamic Blind Schedule”. I have searched a lot but I didn’t find what I want. If anyone has ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you very much.

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If you’re looking for an easy solution to this, then you are best-off waiting until we implement support for dynamic objects in the LBT recipes, which should hopefully be before the next stable release of the LBT plugin.

For the LBT plugin, if you just want to make sure that the results of each simulation don’t overwrite the previous ones, then you can give each Model a different _name_ or use the _folder_ input of the Recipe Settings.