Honeybee Dynamo Run Error: All results are 0


I am fairly new to Dynamo and have been trying to run Honeybee simulation for a simple REVIT sloping roof structure with rooflights. I have got no errors so far, but the values after the run is 0.

Appreciate if you could help me with this.

I couldnt upload the files for your reference as I am a new user.

@Taj, Can you zip and upload the generated Radiance folder to dropbox or a similar service and share the link? Most likely your test points are not generated correctly. Are they looking upwards? Are they located in the right place?

Hi Mostapha,

Many thanks for your prompt response. I have uploaded the file for your reference in dropbox.

And is available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0qhbqf4anuzexx9/AAApg1LD_jAGT_-3uiky0uyTa?dl=0

Test points looks ok to me, I have attached a screenshot here.


Looking forward to your response.


Hi @Taj, Thank you for uploading your model.

  1. You need to remove the windows from the ceiling geometry. They are currently not removed.

  1. You need to simplify Window geometry and only use the single back surface. They are currently solid geometries.

@mostapha Many thanks for looking into this. Selecting surfaces didn’t work for me. That is the reason why I had to import glazing family.

Anyways now I got a direction, I will work around this to make it work.