Honeybee Earth Tube component is ready to fly!

Check out the new Honeybee Earth Tube component which for the first time allows you to model Energy Plus Earth Tubes using Honeybee!

See the tutorial video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol444l9eTn0

and download the example file here:


have fun and keep buzzing!!

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Glad you’re getting back on track. Congratulations for the component!


Just letting you know that it seems I have an opportunity to apply this in my current job. Very happy that you built this functionality out and are turbo-boosting the support now. I may have some questions about it in the near future.


Hello Anton.

I am having a problem using the earth tube component in honeybee. Once I plug the epw the HBZone and the schedules it shows the error “1. Solution exception:Apart of the access route can´t be found ‘C:\Program Files\OpenStudio 1.12.0\share\openstudio\EnergyPlus-8-5-0PreProcess\CalcSoilSurfTemp\exeinputs.txt’.”.

I don´t know if I should reinstall Energy Plus or what to do. I´m in the process of modeling a library in Morelia Mexico and earth tubes are being proposed.

Thank you in advance.

Arturo Reyes

how to get it work with Ladybug Tools 1.3 or newest ladybug legacy?

We don’t have earth tubes implemented in LBT 1.3 yet. You’d have to add them manually in LBT 1.3 with additional strings for now.

earthtube_test.gh (61.3 KB)

thank you for your solution. I’m afraid I still need your help, I can not find a tutorial about additional string. I tried myself and got no result.

I set the earth tube to zone001, but honeybee rename the zone name to zone001_xxxx, so the earth tube is not applied to the zone?

earthtube_test.gh (92.1 KB)
I organized the batteries, please check this

if I look at the idf that Honeybee created, the Ventilation Control Mode is always NoVent. Where can I change this setting in Honeybee?

  zone001_66fde509,                       !- Zone Name
  NoVent,                                 !- Ventilation Control Mode
  ,                                       !- Ventilation Control Zone Temperature Setpoint Schedule Name
  0,                                      !- Minimum Venting Open Factor {dimensionless}
  0,                                      !- Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Difference Lower Limit For Maximum Venting Open Factor {deltaC}
  100,                                    !- Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Difference Upper Limit for Minimum Venting Open Factor {deltaC}
  0,                                      !- Indoor and Outdoor Enthalpy Difference Lower Limit For Maximum Venting Open Factor {deltaJ/kg}
  300000,                                 !- Indoor and Outdoor Enthalpy Difference Upper Limit for Minimum Venting Open Factor {deltaJ/kg}
  ,                                       !- Venting Availability Schedule Name
  Standard,                               !- Single Sided Wind Pressure Coefficient Algorithm
  10;                                     !- Facade Width {m}

finally I get it working, thanks @SaeranVasanthakumar for the explain How does the example of AFN in LBT1.3 work? - #4 by SaeranVasanthakumar
earthtube_test (1).gh (133.1 KB)
I think the settings for earth tube was just overwrote by the AFN component. Still need some fine tuning.

Sorry for not seeing your message I only log into this forum periodically I originally developed the EarthTube component some time ago as you know. It sounds like that you got it working now with teh add string? is that correct?

Ja, I got it runing, but still trying to do some further research to finish this How does the example of AFN in LBT1.3 work? - #6 by fn

@fn I’m sorry I cant help with this, I think your best bet would be go through the EnergyPlus input output reference with a fine tooth comb, you could also try asking this question on the dedicated energy modelling forum.

Good luck

from Group – Airflow: Input Output Reference — EnergyPlus 9.3 I learned, I can adjust the air flow volume as constant with setting B C D parameter to 0. But I tried long time to get the exhaust flow volume even air temperature, but no result. And I checked the ventilation volume with * Zone Ventilation Outputs, it seems not related to Earth Tube. I don’t know if the earth tube gives an exhaust automatically to keep the air mass balance. can you give me some information?

I asked this question here, still waiting for an answer


You could also ask questions or point to your unmet hours question again on the unmet hours slack channel. Im there and there are a lot of other people working there.