Honeybee eneregy: open studio cannot work

  1. Solution exception:Failed to write in.bat to file:
    ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u5317’ in position 112: ordinal not in range(128)

it seems that the file i install the open studio is“ASCII” code but it still no working

And I have opened the “UTF-8”

We just recently added full support for non-ASCII characters. If you upgrade to the latest development version of the plugin by running the LB Versioner and installing OpenStudio 3.4, you should be able to avoid this issue.


i already installed openstudio 3.4 and run the LB Versioner,but it stil didn’t work

Check in your workflow that there is no name with non-ascii characters. For instance your model name, or constructions, etc.

it seems that Open Studio is still 1.4.0, but i already run the LB Versioner to update my LB

i have checked my workflow for many times, it only has english and number.But it still don’t work

Hey @Jack ,

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I can say for sure that the character causing the issue is this one:

And a quick test on my end has revealed that your Model is probably not the issue since I don’t have any issues simulating a Model with this character in the name:

This leads me to believe that the problem is likely that this character appears in your EPW file path. I will try to push a fix for this now and, in the meantime, if you can confirm that this character is in the EPW path, that would be really helpful.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!I changed the folder where the epw file is located and it works.

Yep, this was definitely the issue. I was able to recreate it by pasting that “North” character into the EPW file path:

I just pushed a fix for this case so that it will work without having to rename the EPW: