Honeybee energy building the model————patio part

I’m doing a honeybee simulation of a traditional house, but I ran into a problem when building the model, the house involves a patio part, the internal space can not be enclosed into a closed space, I am currently entering the external wall as a face, version 1.5 is calculable but does not seem to affect the indoor calculation results, I do not know how to deal with this part of the modeling

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hi @zhejiushiming,

Assuming you’re doing energy modelling - If I was you I would spend some time manipulating the geometry in Rhino until you have closed polysurfaces for each room you want to analyse and then use to Room from Solid component.

You can think of each closed polysurface as a zone of your energy model.

Hi @zhejiushiming

If I understand correctly you should use Air Boundary for this part. Air Boundary is in HB Face Component.


You mean build out that atrium section and set the air boundary to true, right? I’ve tried, but the airboundary should be defined as an indoor courtyard, not a courtyard directly connected to the outdoors, and this will result in a calculation error

@zhejiushiming Yes, if the patio wall is in contact with the outside air, this is not the way to go, but if there really isn’t a wall, you can put in a thin layer of air (that sounds weird to me).

Can you share a simple file of your workflow?