Honeybee energy modeling

Dear all,
I am creating a model for energy simulation. The building is a single story and the entrance is 0.50 m above from ground level. Shearwalls rise from foundation to the entrance level. I am trying to add these walls to the model with createHBSrfs but I got the “All of your HBSrfs must make a closed volume.” error because they doesnt make a volume. Do you have any suggestions to do that? Or does not adding these walls have any effect on the model?

And also, since the building is 0.50m above the ground, the floors of the thermal zones appear as exposed floors, not as a ground floors. How can I change this without making whole model with surface by surface method.

I believe it’s common for a building floor to be that higher than the average finished ground level. I would keep the energy model on the ground and define the ground surface as per the material layers identified in the section.

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