Honeybee Energy Modelling does not write out CSV file but also does not show any errors

Hello All,

When I run the energy modelling simulation using honeybee and energy plus I do not get any errors from any of the components, however no CSV file is produced, (the problem is the same for both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7):

Honeybee_ Run Energy Simulation component “result file address output” shows a message for the location of a csv file, but no csv file is produced.

The component successfully produces an idf file.

I cannot upload the file I was working on because I am a new user.
However, I ran the process with the example file from the Youtube tutorial byChris Mackey and got the same problem.

Thank you for your help.

You get access to post files after you have looked at a few other topics on the forum, which not only stops a lot of spam posts on the forum by bots but you really should be searching to see if the solution has already been answered before you post. I also recommend reading the forum guidelines as one of the pages for gaining full community-ship:

Thank you for the advice.