Honeybee energy simulation - Failed to parse the result file

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I am new to this, I am tying to use Honeybee energy simulation and this error comes up. The .csv file is not 0kB so I guess is the second case, an issue with the report reading the output. (error text below, I can not post the file or an image yet). For now I was only trying to calculate the zone energy use.

I would very much appreciate some advice.

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  1. Failed to parse the result file. Check the folder of the file address you are plugging into this component and make sure that there is a .csv file in the folder.
    If there is a file with no data in it (it is 0 kB), your simulation probably did not run correctly.
    In this case, check the report out of the Run Simulation component to see what severe or fatal errors happened in the simulation.
    If the csv file is there and it seems like there is data in it (it is not 0 kB), you are probably requesting an output that this component does not yet handle well.
    If you report this bug of reading the output on the GH forums, we should be able to fix this component to accept the output soon.

This can happen for several reasons. You need to share your file or at least the full error log for others to be able to help you.

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for your reply! I am a new user so I can’t upload files just yet. I have tried to run it again and it looks like it is because of the convexity issue. I have read a few posts about this in the forum, but I can not figure out how to solve to yet.

It would be great if you could please point me in the right direction.

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You can send a link to the files …

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Hi Abraham,

Good idea (sorry for being such a beginner…). Here’s the link:

Thank you so much!!

I’m pretty sure the problems have to do with the original Rhino geometry.
The solveAdjacencies don’t succeed with all adjacencies and then you get weird situations like those in the figure below (Internal and external wall at the same place, internal windows, etc).
I suggest to check carefully the model and be sure to guarantee the proper surfaces are coplanar.
Pay attention to the errors you get from E+. It clearly states which surfaces are not fitting.
Also set the tolerance in Rhino in a way that the adjacencies can be solved properly (i.e. 0.001).

Check previous treads regarding adjacency issues. You’ll find many recommendations/solutions.
Hope this helps.

Hi Abraham,

Thank you so much for your detailed response! I have been making progress, at least now is simulating something…although it looks like still not perfect. I imagine is still about the geometry, as the roofs between the 2 floors do not appear to be formed - and I don’t know how to resolve to…tearing my hair…now it says “problem in interior solar distribution calculation”…

Here below I attach the file and some screenshots, in case you can give me a hand. Thank you so much again and happy Saturday! I have booked for the workshop in Copenhagen, so hopefully I will soon become less useless…

It is indeed about geometry @Ruxandra.
About the roofs, the issue is that the missing surfaces in your image above were defined as ceilings. If you connect the output ceilings to the preview component you’ll see them.
As for the Solar Distribution Calculation, there are plenty of treads in the forum.
One of the ways to deal with it is askung for a lower resolution calculation using the EnergySimulationPar component. You can fugure it from the image below. Then the simulation runs without any severe errors.



Thank you so much for your help and time! It worked!!

Have a great Sunday!