Honeybee Energy Simulation Not Reading Results/

I am developing a grasshopper tool that creates green roof geometry which directly correlates to solar exposure in order to improve the indoor thermal comfort of a particular building. To determine the PMV of the building before and after the incorporation of the green rood I am trying to run a basic energy simulation. The ouput of the" run energy simulation" component says the analysis is running but when I plug that output into the “read ep results” its says "the result file does not exist.

My second query is in relation to the incorporation of vegetation as a roof construction material. I have implemented vegetation using other scripts I have found on the forum but when I try and run an energy analysis with the incorporated vegetation construction it does not run because this construction material is not found in the library.

I am unable to upload any files as I am a new user., but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Kind Regards Tina

GA1|690x317 !

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Here are the files

honeybee simulation assistance.gh (675.4 KB)
a3 001.3dm (63.3 KB)