Honeybee Energy Vintages

Hi. I am exploring with Honeybee Energy and i came across the vintage type option. Can anyone explain in brief where can i understand more about Vintages and how it is effecting the envelope properties?

For the simplest explanation: it is ASHRAE 90.1 + other standards.
-2013 = ASHRAE 90.1 2013
-2010 = ASHRAE 90.1 2010

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Thanks @MingboPeng Mingbo

I think it’s also important to highlight that ASHRAE 90.1 is used as the basis for the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), which is released on a regular basis every 2 years after a given version of ASHRAE 90.1. So, even though it’s an American non-profit that’s developing the standard, it’s used as the basis for the energy code for many countries across the globe.

Newer versions of ASHARE are more ambitious in their insulation levels and their energy conservation specifications. Not all counites use the same version of ASHRAE as their basis for their code and you don’t even find that much consistency between the States of the US in the version of ASHRAE 90.1 that they have adopted. So it’s usually worth a bit of research on a project-by-project basis.

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Thanks, @chris . So am i correct if i say we should select vintages as per ASHRAE code that is being followed in each specific country?. That will provide the base case values of the building envelope properties.

Hey @Asisnath ,

Yes. If you know the version of ASHRAE or IECC that’s required by the building code for your project, it’s probably best to use that as your starting point. Or, if you don’t know the version required by code, using the most recent ASHRAE/IECC will get you close to the baseline assumptions of rating standards like LEED so that you can estimate things like how many LEED points you can get.

Perhaps even more important than the version of ASHRAE , though, is that you pick a construction set that’s for your project’s climate zone. In all versions of ASHRAE, colder climate zones are required to have much more insulation and can have much higher window SHGCs that warmer ones.

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Perfectly explained. Thank you @chris.:+1:

Hello Everyone. I know this thread is a bit older but are there any updated Vintages for NYCECC/Ashrae 2016 or NYS2020/IECC 2018?


Yes HBv1.3 now has these vintages:


Thank you. Strange I loaded 1.3 but maybe I just need to update the components.

Hi @emmanuelgee ,

Those dropdown components are the only ones that we can’t automatically update using the LB Sync Grasshopper File component. Just manually replace it with one from your toolbar and you should see all of the new vintages there.