Honeybee energyBalance and surfaceEnergyFlow_ conduction result?

Hi all, I am wondering about an odd result I’m getting and if someone can point out where I’m going wrong here?

This is in regards to a Honeybee single zone of a multi-zone bldg (just setting up one zone for now and getting it working before building out the rest). I have it mostly set up and getting good results except for one item.

When I connect the ‘readEpsrfResult’ output ‘surfaceEnergyFlow’ or ‘opaqueEnergyFlow’ into the input on the ‘energyBalance’ component I get some very weird results (really, really large values in the opaque conduction result)?

When hooked up to ONLY the glazing surface results I get good values:

Bu then when I add in the opaque results those values are huge relative to all the rest:

When I looked at the output values from the ‘readEPsrfResult’ component they seem totally normal - and if I graph the opaque monthly heat flows surfaces through the normal bar-grapher it seems like those are all normal values too:

But when I hook it up to the ‘energyBalance’ the opaque conduction values seems to go weird on me. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong there with the ‘energyBalance’ component?

thanks very much for any input.

file attached for reference…
180802 [internalized].gh (808.9 KB)


Did you ever get a reply / resolve this query?