Honeybee - EnergyPlus running error "initializing solar reflection calculations" and "initializing solar calculations"

I have developed an algorithm to simulate both the building energy consumption and PV electricity generation. I have tried to build a simpler algorithm and tested it several times.

However, when I tried to run the algorithm, everything looks fine (no error message for generating an IDF file) but the simulation got stuck (either stuck and the “initializing solar reflection calculations” stage or “initializing solar calculations” stage) when I am trying to run the energy simulation (please see the picture below).

My feeling is that there is some problem in my IDF file but not sure about the contributor.

I have been struggling for this problem for very long. I would be much appreciated if anyone can help me to fix this. Thanks much in advance.

@Ivanita ,

This typically happens when you have complex geometry for which it takes a long time to compute the solar distribution. Calculating solar distribution over geometry typically accounts for a large fraction of total E+ simulation time so it isn’t unusual for it to take a while. However, I would suggest simplifying your geometry if you want a simulation that runs faster.

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