Honeybee - Energyplus version 8.1.0

Hello everyone! Honeybee reports that he lacks Energyplus v.8.1.0.
I looked for the Windows version on the github site, but I only find the Linux and Mac versions. Could someone help me?
Thank you!

This question has been asked before. Do you have to use this version? Why don’t you use a newer version of EnergyPlus? Or simply use OpenStudio which will also install EnergyPlus for you.

@mostapha I have already installed Openstudio, but Honeybee keeps telling me that it’s missing Energyplus v8.1.0, so I think I have to install that version of Energyplus. I initially installed the latest version, but Honeybee was not working.

@Fra29, according to my knowledge there is no version limit for OpenStudio to be installed. The OpenStudio you have installed could be the older one with EnergyPlus version 8.1 requirement. Try to uninstall your existing OpenStudio and install the new version. I would recommend the destination folder for Installation be in C:\openstudio-[your version] such that the Honeybee can recognise the EnergyPlus folder in it.

Additionally, install your pending Windows updates if any. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Naga I already have the latest version of Openstudio and it is saved in the right folder, but the program keeps asking me for Energyplus v8.1.0.
I don’t understand how to fix it. I tried to follow all the old discussions and advice about it, but the program still doesn’t work properly.

Do you have OpenStudio 3.0+ installed? It doesn’t work with current ladybug legacy version yet. You will need to install OpenStudio 2.9 instead.

@MingboPeng I tried to install OpenStudio 2.9, but Honeybee keeps asking me about Energyplus v8.1.0.


@Fra29 your plugin is from 2015. Please update it.

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@MingboPeng Oh thanks! Then it’s not me, but it’s my teammate’s file that doesn’t work. He has the old version and I have the latest one, so when I open it the components don’t work.
Thank you so much for your patience!