Honeybee EP Construction does not update?

Hi, I want to be able to change the sliders for Insulation Thickness but it seems like it does not work?
After the EP Library gets the first value it does not update? How should I modify the values then?

Attaching screenshots and simplified file:
updateConductivity.gh (464.0 KB)

It works when I manually disconnect and reconnect, but does not work on recompute
The problem is - during simulation the values do not change so I cannot iterate through different values for insulation and see different results.
I wonder - should I create a new name for each material version? For example concatenate thickness and name?

Hi ae,
I know the only way to update EPLibrary, if you set the boolean toggle to ‘false’ and again to ‘true’ for adding your new construction to the library. Now you can recall your changed construction

if the simulation script resides in the same GH file as your material/construction definitions, do you really need to use the “addToEPLibrary” component…you could just connect the EPConstruction directly do the surfaces and bypass the adding them to library middle-man.

I am facing a similar problem, The " decompose_EPconstruction" does not update the U and R values automatically. The component is to be disabled and then re-enabled to see the values change, every time a change is made to the " Honeybee_EPopaque material" component.
Attached the screenshots of two cases with different conductivity values, but the same U-values.
Hoping to know if there is a way around " enabling and disabling " components each time a change is made.

I have an similar issue. Is it possible to connect the custom building construction to Honeybee Set Up Zone construction component without adding it to Energy plus library?

Thank you for a help