HoneyBee EP context Surfaces_Trimmed surfaces problem

Hi All,

I have a problem using the Honeybee Ep context surface component. I attached a simple form of my model which has a trimmed surface as shading in front of its window (represents brickwork in the facade). The energy simulation caused a bunch of errors regarding the duplicate name of surfaces in the trimmed surface (It is clear in my attached files)
Do you know how I can address this issue with respect to this kind of simplified shading surface?

Thanks in advance.

A.3dm (770.0 KB)
A.gh (524.0 KB)

I suggest upgrading to the LBT 1.3 plugin. The EnergyPlus geometry translation methods over there are much more robust and can better handle your holey facade. I would also recommend meshing your Brep before passing it to the HB Shade component since this will result in a cleaner and faster translation to EnergyPlus.

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