"Honeybee_EPConstruction" not working

Hi guys, I´m trying to use the “EPConstruction” component to create some customized constructions by combining materials from the library. I´ve ran through the following issue:

I´m currently working with the latest versions of LB-HB. Any guidance will be very appreciated as usual.



20141228-EPConstruction-question.gh (68.1 KB)


I’ve been checking this and found that the problem is that the HB_DecomposeEPConstruction changes the case of the material names (or at least those with Capital). In such a way capital name and low caps are different, even though the “letters” are the same.

This is a bug that i suppose Mostapha/Chris will fix soon (right?).

See attached. Number 1 is your original case (more or less). Number 2 is a fixed case after changing back the case of the name. Numbers 3 and 4 show what i mean in my response above.


Now with the attached file

20141228EPConstructionquestion_AY.gh (413 KB)

Thank you both. It is fixed now!

I see, thanks a lot!