Honeybee error: No JSON object could be decoded

Hello Chris and Mostapha,

I updated to the latest GH and HB and also to the latest OpenStudio_Standards.json but I now get the following error (Attached image).

“No JSON object could be decoded”

Any suggestions?



Hi Dimitrios, Can you check the Json file? This error happens when JSON file is corrupted. I would remove the file from the folder and then try again. I wonder if it hasn’t been downloaded correctly.

Hello Mostapha,

Overwrote a new version of JSON file and things working great.

Thanks a lot!


Hello again.

I now have again the problem with the MidriseApartment zone program not working properly, which is the initial reason why I replaced the old JSON file…

Would you please recommend a link with the latest JSON file you are using also?

Thanks a lot!



Seems that only sometimes I need to re-run the whole definition after changing the HBZones input from different

HBZones outputs (ex from setEPZonesLoads or setEPZonesThreshold), and then it re-calculates properly.

Otherwise I either get errors about the zones or about the constructions/materials.



Hi Dimitrios,

Thanks. In theory it shouldn’t happen since all components are reading the values from a shared library and shared library is generated from the .json file which should be the same. Can you send me an example when this issue is happening?

The file is here: https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/blob/master/resources/…

Click on RAW to download the file and let me know if there is any issues.



I updated the JSON file from your location.

I attach the sample file I am working on.

Can t really nail down the exact behavior “delay”. Maybe it s related to how GH work natively…don t know…

For example when you just reconnect HBZones output to HBZone input as seen in the attached photo I get the error you can see. If you re-run the whole GH it works.

Also the ColorSurfaces components seems to have broken in this latest update? Was working till I updated the LB, HB library and file components. I get the error:

“1. None of the connected srfData could be matched with the surfaces in the connected HBZones.”

Thanks a lot for taking the time to look into this.


Annual_Loads_Housing_02.gh (753 KB)