Honeybee Error -


can anyone let me know how to resolve this issue.

while placing the honey bee component it gives the following error

"1. Honeybee cannot find OpenStudio on your system.
You wont be able to use the Export to OpenStudio component.
Download the latest OpenStudio for Windows from:

  1. https://www.openstudio.net/downloads

    But i have already installed the OpenStudio latest version in C drive.I am trying this to study solar radiation on the srf of the model i have made with GH

.I have attached the screenshot of the same.Please let me know how i can solve this

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dhurgai,

You changed the default setup directory of OpenStudio.Try to reinstall OS without any change the setup path.

C:\Program Files\OpenStudio 1.13.0


Hi Omid,

Thanks for your reply. I did the same.But for the time being I have switched back to the older version.will update once i finish them.

Hi Omid,

I’m reopening the discussion since I have the very same problem.

OS is installed on the setup path C:\Program Files\openstudio 2.1.0, yet HB does not find it.

Here is attached a screenshot.

Please let me know how i can solve this !

Thank you very much.



It’s the same for me, after reinstall honeybee, I have this problem. I’ve tried to reinstall openstudio but nothing work, any idea?


To install the latest version of OS (openstudio 2.1.0), install to default path C:\openstudio-2.1.0 without changing.


Hi Omid, thanks for your quick answer. The problem is fixed.

Have a nice day.


I have updated my honeybee components to ver 0.061 JUL_10_2017 and have installed latest version of open studio i.e. OpenStudio 2.2.0

Still its not working.