Honeybee example files


from where i can download honeybee example files? as shown in youtube videos…


We are in the process of converting over all of our example file onto a new platform that was created over the last couple of months:


I have not gotten the chance to convert all of the files on my youtube videos over yet but I will post here once I have finished. In the meantime, you can find all available Honeybee files here:


and all available ladybug files here:




but i need the old format of honeybee example files which are synced with Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari’s videos in youtube

Here are the files but they are not updated. In case you ended up updating the files it should be nice to have an updated version available to everyone.

tnx alot

Are you talking about having your “old” example files being updated and uploaded to (Hail!!!) Hydra is a totally ok thing to do?

Yes. That’s what I meant. Many of the examples are already cleaned and up there but since this examples go with the videos having them also updated will be helpful.

I wonder if could make some nice tutorials for the plugin, but daymn, I’m in China… Maybe with a good VPN, ehhh…

Hello Mostapha!

First of all, thank you for sharing your work and knowledge, appreciate it.

Secondly, I had some questions regarding the first tutorial file (Honeybee for daylight simulation). I have tried to update the script through a step by step construction of the components. A epw is attached and I can run the simulation and se some results, yet the results is not accurate or complete.

  1. The proportions of the model image shown in the embryo is different from my viewport in rhino. Even when I change the camera option to parallel in the image based símulation component it does not seem to work. what am i missing here?

  2. I cant seem to get the shadows in the rendering simulation? I have connected the epw file but it seems to be out of function.

I have attached all the files, thank you for your time.


Afshin, You forgot to attach the files. Also please open a new discussion for your question instead of posting them under this discussion.

Thank you for the quick answer! I have started a discussion (Honeybee-daylight simulation) and attached the files. Thanks for the help!

Prof. Mostapha it goes to a Dropbox link which shows that the files are unavailable. Is there a new link to the files?

hi @ mostapha , i get this error every time i run the simulation process, and this is my log file which is attached, could you say what should i do to solve it?

  1. Solution exception:The recipe failed to run with the following summary: Scheduled 56 tasks of which: * 45 ran successfully: - 2 ComputeSphericalViewFactors(…) - 1 CopyGridInfo(…) - 1 CopyRedistInfo(…) - 1 CopyResultInfo(…) - 1 CreateDirectSky(…) … * 1 failed: - 1 RunEnergySimulation(…) * 10 were left pending, among these: * 10 had failed dependencies: - 1 LetAdaptiveComfortMapFly(…) - 1 RestructureConditionIntensityResults(…) - 1 RestructureConditionResults(…) - 1 RestructureCspResults(…) - 1 RestructureHspResults(…) … This progress looks :frowning: because there were failed tasks Use the report_out attribute of recipe settings to see a full report.
    logs.log (542.7 KB)