Honeybee [+] example of annual simulation with dynamic blinds states

Can somebody share a gh example that uses HB[+] in an annual simulation including two windows with dynamic blinds with 2 or more states each, and how the results are processed? I wanted to understand the workflow in HB[+], how to set them and how to process results by changing state for each hour of the year for each window. Thanks.

Hello @IasonBournas
Here I am attaching the file, make sure to update the file.

009_AnnualDaylightAnalysis_III_dynamicBlinds.gh (712.8 KB)

Thanks @Teja5zz for kindly sharing this. However this is a Honeybee Legacy workflow (daysim etc), not a Honeybee Plus (HB[+]) workflow.

According to communication with @mostapha, modelling the blinds geometry explicitly is currently a limitation, but it is under development and will be possible in the next release :slight_smile:

Hello @IasonBournas , could you find a sample of Multiple State Blind?

Hi @Aliarch, I did not look for any example since my last comment as I did not have a relevant project since then. It may be possible in a newer version, but I haven’t looked. Good luck!

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