"honeybee_export to open studio" Energy file location problem


I have tried to run an energy simulation using the “honeybee_export to open studio” component, it works when i use energy files downloaded from the e+ website but i have troubles when using energy files downloaded elsewhere, the component returns the message (1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error: ** Severe ** No Location given. Must have location information for simulation.)

Does anyone have been trough this problem before? how can it be solved?

PTHP Open studio export 31.05.gh (556 KB)
BRA_Santa.Maria.839360_SWERA.ddy (733 Bytes)
BRA_Santa.Maria.839360_SWERA.epw (1.49 MB)

Virgina, Have you tried to run the analysis with EnergyPlus component? That will help us to know if this is an OpenStudio specific problem or a problem with your weather file.

Yes, it works fine using the “Honeybee_RunEnergySimulation” component.


Your file ran fine for me except that you assigned opaque constructions to some of the windows. Your error likely has to do with the version of OpenStudio that you have installed. What version do you have and can you try uninstalling/reinstalling?