Honeybee export to openstudio error: 1. Solution exception:'ascii' codec can't encode character '\u5433' in position 202

I am receiving an error in “export to openstudio” command

“1. Solution exception:‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u5433’ in position 202”

i am using openstudio 2.7.0 version with updated honeybee files first.
then i try to use openstudio 2.5 version but the problem still exists.

Could someone help solve the problem?!

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Without the file we can only guess.
I guess you have a path with chinese characters. Try to use a different path with latin characters only.

Hey,though it might be too late to answer this question,I think it still worth it.
I just came across this problem.
the solution is that you can paste the code I gave out here into the editor of your component

import sys

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Could you please tell me where to add these?I really need your help.Thanks!

I have the same problem as you.How did you solve it?Could you please tell me your method?

  1. Solution exception:‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u6211’ in position 238: ordinal not in range(128)

The underlying reason for this error is that you are using a non-ASCII character in the name of one of your energy model inputs (maybe a HBZone or a Construction?). So the easiest way to solve it is to just to make sure you use ASCII characters. The LBT plugin has much better checks for these characters than the Legacy plugin so you would easily be able to identify the failing object there.

Alternatively, if you want to use @MeowY 's workaround, I imagine that you just need to be paste that code in a GHPython component.

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Thank you! I have solved it.