Honeybee export to OpenStudio Error

I am receiving an error in “export to openstudio” command

“1. Solution exception:expected Path, got str”

This happens when i was working on a sample while from hydra.
i am using openstudio 2.7.0 version with updated honeybee files.

energy simulation by chris mackey!


Update the Honeybee components in the file or use OpenStudio 2.5. The older versions of hoeybee components aren’t compatible with the OpenStudio version that was just released.

Problem Solved.
i haven’t checked the new honeybee update.

Hi, thank you for all this helpful information. We are trying with the latest version of Honeybee/OpenStudio:

-Honeybee 0.0.64\nDEC_05_2018
-Open Studio 2.7

I still have same issues than Arpan, with the following error message on python:

Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException): expected Path, got str
line 237, in setSite, “”
line 5307, in main, “”
line 5560, in script

what should I do?


Ruben Cabanillas

Hi All

I have a similar issue to the above with regard to exporting to OpenStudio, expect I get the following error:

  1. Solution exception:expected int, got str.

I have the latest component (Ver 0.064 JUN_01_2019) for the exportToOpenStudio.

Can anyone please advise.


Ironbug created by @MingboPeng can do this simulation, you can try it