Honeybee GBXML import error

when i try to import gbxml into grasshopper using honeybee, i get this error “1. Solution exception:The type initializer for ‘OpenStudio.OpenStudioGBXMLPINVOKE’ threw an exception.”

There seems to be no solution online. Would anyone know how to fix it or what other alternatives I have.

Thank you

What version of OpenStudio and Honeybee plugins are you using? This is an issue with OpenStudio dependency which was resolved before but was back again with OpenStudio 3.0. If you are using the latest version of OpenStudio you have to copy the files manually to fix the issue. We have notified the OpenStudio team about this issue and it should be resolved soon.

cc: @MingboPeng

Hi Mostapha,

I have version 3.0.1 installed and the latest HB plugin (0.0.66).

I am new to Rhino, what do you mean by “copy the files manually to fix the issue”?

Hi,@hmurya You can uninstall openstudio 3.0.1 and install openstudio 2.5.0.

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I’ll probably just build the geometry from scratch. Going to be extra work getting IT to uninstall and install openstudio.

Thanks a lot for all the help guys.

@mostapha and @minggangyin, I have the same problem. I have Rhino 5 license, so I downgraded to OpenStuido 2.5. and LB v.0.0.66 and HB v.0.0.63 from March 2018 to use the XMLTOHB function. I receive OpenStudioGBXMLPINVOKE error. Do you have any idea what could be the reason for this error?
I truly appreciate your help!



@MingboPeng, I know you have spent a good amount of time going through this OpenStudio issue. Any hints what might be going on here?

@mostapha and @minggangyin, I receive this error when I start my Grasshopper. Could this be the reason for OpenStudioGBXMLPINVOKE error. I guess this grasshopper error is because I am using Rhino 5. Do I need to upgrade to Rhino 7 to be able to use gbxml feature? (Rhino 6 is not sold anymore) please let me know! thanks!

Hi @mostapha :slight_smile:
May I kindly ask you to elaborate it a bit?
What files should one copy, to where?

Thank you