Honeybee_Glazing based on ratio' crashes Rhino for large amount of zones

Hi everyone,

When I try to add glazing to my HBZone using the Glazing based on ratio component - Rhino is immediately crashing. It seems to work alright if I’m generating a 1-5 floors (with 5 zones each) but if I try to generate glazing for an entire tower (as I am in my tower - I’m getting an immediate crash.

Has anyone experienced this before? Am I doing something wrong/what are workarounds?


UD_error_sample.gh (500 KB)

Hi Saeran, I would submit this to GitHub. I wonder if this is happening because of specific surface/zone and not the number of zones.

Mostapha, great, it’s been submitted. Hopefully you guys can do a better job then me at getting to the bottom of this.