Honeybee - Honeybee-Energy 1.2.0 PMVMap (Predictive Mean Vote Comfort Map) Problem

Hi all,

The PMVMap component is meant to generate a few .csv files in the result folder for the temperature, condition, HSP, and CSP. It does not seem that these files are being generated. I believe this is because the component is attempting to store .csv information in the folder locations of the following format: “C:\Users\juliet.ume-ezeoke\simulation\sample_model_grid\Comfort\pmv_comfort_map\results/temperature” which is not valid for Windows OS. Therefore the .csv file does not appear in the correct folder, and cannot be found at all. Please advise.

The file I am using is a sample from the latest Honeybee release (v1.2.0), and can be found in “ladybug-tools-1-2-0/samples/honeybee-energy/comfort_mapping”.

Generally, I am trying to create a grid-based spatial temperature map within a given room, and then ideally an entire building. If there is a better way of going about this, please let me know (you will see a failed attempt inside the grasshopper file).

Hi @jnwagwuume-ezeoke ,

I suspect that you are just experiencing a generic error that results from something going wrong in the recipe execution process (causing no result files to be generated and you to get a WindowsError).

Do you want to upload a minimal sample that helps us recreate the issue? FYI, you should be able to see the full log by either checking the __logs__ folder in the simulation folder or by selection report_out_ for the recipe settings.

Thanks for the quick reply @chris! Here is the log, taken from selecting report_out_ in the recipe settings. (I am pasting in a link to a google file because I am a new user and cannot yet upload files/ have a limit on characters here → I would also send the file along otherwise).

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Thanks @jnwagwuume-ezeoke ,

Here is the “real” error from your log file:

It looks like your model is not simulating correctly in EnergyPlus/OpenStudio. Are you able to run your model with the “HB Model To OSM” component?

Thanks for pointing this out @chris ! Yes, I have been able to run the model using the “HB Model to OSM” component. Do you think this has something to do with the version of OpenStudio I downloaded? I have v3.1.0, per the compatibility matrix. However, I might have previous versions on my machine that could be interfering…

I don’t think you need to worry about interference (whatever version of OpenStudio that you see the “HB Check Versions” output is what the whole plugin uses). If you upload a minimal sample file that allows us to recreate the issue, we can hopefully get to the bottom of it.

Ok! I have uploaded one to my Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l6E4LeIQ_wSE_-n1Tjm_5EGBEa2CsXNh/view?usp=sharing

Hi! Just wanted to follow up on this as I now have ability to upload GH files directly. I would really like to take advantage of the PMVMap component. If there any alternatives that could be used for spatial mapping, I would love to know about these also. comfort_mapping_err.gh (122.6 KB)