Honeybee hot water calculation details

Dear Ladybug development team,

Thank you for the new release! It works great, especially my team was happy about the possibility to include the Service Hot Water in the calculation.

Now I am looking for some detailed specifications about this calculation. For my model, it would be particularly important if the energy supply for the hot water would be electricity or heat/thermal energy. Are those types diversified in the model?

A very quick desktop research suggests that Energy plus might have different types of fuels, that will power the hot water heater, like electricity, gas, etc. (Please, correct me if I am wrong here).

Could you help me to find out which one exactly does the HB take into account (if there is some default system type selected) and if there is already an opportunity to vary this input, depending on the project requirements? Is it done via the “Service hot water” component? Could one select the fuel type with it as well?

Many thanks for your help!

Kind regards,