Honeybee Hybrid Ventilation

I’m trying to simulate hybrid ventilation following the steps of this discussion in the old forum: https://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/how-is-natural-ventilation-determined-based-on-min-and-max-values?groupUrl=ladybug& but the results are not correct. When I define the input for “Honeybee Set EP Air Flow”, the plugin calculates stack ventilation even when I select ventilation type 1, but still, no ventilation results are shown, only a minimal infiltration and air conditioning. When I only select the ventilation type 1 and don’t define the other inputs, Honeybee calculates the ventilation but in this case, ventilation occurs at the same time when the air conditioning system is on. So, I open the IDF on EnergyPlus and on both cases, there isn’t any configuration in AirflowNetwork. I upload my model and I hope that someone can help me. Edificação.gh (1.3 MB)