Honeybee importWindow error

Hi there,
I’m setting up a definition to conduct a THERM analysis on a custom glazing detail. I’ve exported the detailed text file from WINDOW to use with the importWINDOW component in Honeybee. However I get this error: “Material properties not found in txt file. Make sure that your version of LBNL WINDOW is up to date”.

I currently have the most current versions of both WINDOW and Honeybee installed, but I’m still getting this error.
Could this be because I created a custom user glass in OPTICS instead of using the LBNL database for my glazing? You can see my .txt file here.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I’m just missing something simple.

HB+Therm supports Therm 7.6 and not 7.7 (which is the last release). You probably need to downgrade your therm installation.
Search for this in the forum.

I’m not seeing any glass conductivity values in your .txt file so, yes, I would assume that it’s the result of you using OPTICS instead of WINDOW. As I understand it, OPTICS is really meant for Radiance simulation properties and it doesn’t always have thermal properties that are needed for THERM or EnergyPlus simulations. WINDOW is what you need to use in this case.

What @AbrahamYezioro said about THERM in legacy honeybee is correct but the format of the WINDOW reports hasn’t changed between WINDOW 7.6 and 7.7. So you should be able to use .txt exports from WINDOW 7.7 without issues. You just can’t use THERM 7.7 and you’ll have to stick with THERM 7.6.

Thanks for the responses!
Oddly, I had been using THERM 7.7 with Honeybee for simple non-glazed assemblies up to this point without issue as far as I know, but I downgraded to THERM 7.6 anyway. For this glazed assembly, I still get the same error as mentioned before.
As you said @chris, this is presumably due to something missing/incorrect in the text file export. I need to use OPTICS to create a custom IGU because I need a laminate with an anti-reflective coating, which I can’t create in WINDOW alone. But as a test, I created a dumb IGU in WINDOW (just a double pane with air) and exported that as a text file from WINDOW, and I still get the same error in Honeybee. You can see that file here.

Can you highlight exactly what’s missing in the text file? You mentioned missing glass conductivity values but I don’t see that. Maybe I can manually edit the text file as a last resort? I dunno.

Here are my Rhino and Grasshopper files for reference.
201102_Fixed Mullion.gh (543.9 KB) 201102_mullion fixed.3dm (778.0 KB)
(I have an error on my writeTHERM component, but I think that’s a geometry issue I still need to figure out)


Hi - I’m still stuck on this problem. Can anybody upload an example of a text file that DOES work? That will help me understand where the issue lies.

Thanks much!

Hi @AlexisBN ,

Thanks for reporting. It looks like WINDOW recently started writing the units of things into their report files. I just pushed a fix that makes the component able to handle this case:

And here is your file with the fixed component:
201102_Fixed Mullion.gh (524.0 KB)

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THANK YOU! That did the trick!

Hi @chris,
This fix does not appear to handle WINDOW detailed reports that use the wrap columns option. Since wrap columns is the only option when automating reports through command line WINDOW, it would be useful to handle reports written with this option.

Our IDF-parsing functions in the LBT plugin are much more robust and can handle that case. I’ll plan to add support for this in the LBT plugin.