Honeybee Infiltration Flow Rate Variation?

Hi all,

I am wondering if someone can help me with a couple items?

  1. I am trying to set the air infiltration rate for a zone (ideal air loads only) and in the results from the simulation I’m seeing variation in the flow rate when I would like it to be constant? I’m wondering if anyone has a guess as to why that might be happening?

but even with all that I am still seeing variation +/- 0.05 ACH or so throughout the year when I review the results?

Does anyone know why this might be and where I might be able to correct / control it? Must be another variable in there I’m not familiar with?

Related: is there any method for setting the A, B, C, D coefficients through the Honeybee components? I saw that NREL has an OS measure for this but I wonder if could be done internally to HB?

  1. I am trying to set my own volume (interior net volume as per ISO 13829) for this zone using the ‘setZoneProp’ component. When I input a volume using this component it DOES update the IDF file, but it seems as though it does NOT update the HBZone Object. This becomes an issue when trying to calculate the ACH / volume flow as the HBZone volume value is different than the one I assigned through the ‘setZoneProp’. Is there a way to update the HBZone volume as well as the IDF file?

Related: can an option be added to the setZoneProp to use a custom floor area? For some modeling protocols an interior net m2 is preferred rather than the exterior gross value. It would be nice to be able to set this in the ‘setZoneProp’ component.

ok - any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated!

IDF attached for reference:
in.idf (408.2 KB)