Honeybee- Interior walls


How can i add interior walls to honeybee calculation? every surface that i add doesnt work with the script? and ideas?


you should use Honeybee_Create_HbSrfs to add those interior walls to the daylight simulation

Thank you @devang for your answer.
Somehow the model doesn’t read the new walls…
Can you share some example file? with internal walls activated? even just basic example of assigning them

Thank you so much

Hi @LovelyRita

example.3dm (40.6 KB) example.gh (558.3 KB)

Here an example how you can build a model with internal walls.

Hello @Erikbeeren, thank you for the files!
I’m still having trouble with my own files though…

I have made the floor and the entire code is working, still can’t add any interior to this example…
files attach. how can i add 10-15 small rooms (offices) to this floor?helpFile.3dm (164.3 KB) helpFILE.gh (1.2 MB)

any idea?

Thank you in advance

Hi @LovelyRita,

Somehow you have to put some information about the geometry of the inner walls in the model. Or by hand (see attached files) or with the SpliFloor2ThermalZones component. Otherwise innerwalls will not be generated.

helpFile.3dm (159.9 KB) helpFILE.gh (1.2 MB)