Honeybee is not loading the material library correctly


I am starting to prepare some file for a radiance glare study and I have a good understanding of the workflow. I am having an issue with my Honeybee Radiance material library. If I pull down the “call from radiance library” component it has an issue stating “1. Solution exception:‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘type’.” This is happen in my main file but also when I start a new document and seen attached. I have tried to remove all software and re-install with no luck along with reinstalling the honeybee files. I looked at my “HoneybeeRadMaterials.mat” file and is was empty, so I added a bunch of materials I found in a post. This does load materials and show up as 77 materials, but the component still does not recognize any of them.

I also opened an old radiance materials grasshopper document Mostapha created a few years ago and that seems to work fine but strangely there are other errors with energyplus and openstudio (I assume due to newer version installed).

Any help with getting the materials library to function would be very helpful. Also, did I put the materials in the right location?



003_Radiance_Materials.gh (475.1 KB)
Call from Honeybee Radiance Library.gh (451.2 KB)

Can you share HoneybeeRadMaterials.mat file? At least one material is loaded incorrectly.

Here is the one I edited and added the materials from the internet. Previously there was nothing in the file.



HoneybeeRadMaterials.mat (37 Bytes)


HoneybeeRadMaterials.mat (20.2 KB)

I also met the same problem as you mentioned above,missing some relevent files,but I don’t know how to solve the problem.How did you solve it?Thanks!TBX~__WMH}Y`W60CO}5I