Honeybee Material Setting

Hello Im trying to simulate Energy Simulation using EnergyPlus and Daylighting Simulation at the same time.
But I had a problem about Material Setting because the two simulation using different material (RAD / EP).
So I questioned about this issue

But , Still a few questions remain.

EP RAD material test.gh (475.1 KB)

This an example I made for testing integrated simulation.
In the example file , I want to check interior wood material variance.
So I set the EP constructions’s third material to 25mm WOOD , and used 25mm WOOD’s property to make rad material. And change the rad material.

here is my question.

  1. I think there is a difference about UDI and energy when we used teak wood or beech wood for interior material (final texture). but in this example, there was no difference between the woods in energy simulation(there is a difference in annual UDI simulation)

Is this difference negligible in integrated simulation?

  1. I wan downloaded RAD material in a http://www.artifice.com/radiance/rad_materials.html
    But there is no value roughness , and specularity in this RAD material.

In above example file, is it correct method for integrated simulation?
And is there other RAD library I can use including roughness and specularity or other useful values?