Honeybee Missing battery

Hello everyone!

I reinstalled Grasshopper and HB, But the mistake still appears.

Most likely the components are not loaded.

  1. Close Grasshopper.
  2. Type GrasshopperUnloadPlugin in Rhino and press Enter.
  3. Now re-launch grasshopper.

If the issue is not resolved then the easiest way is to copy the components to the userobject folder manually.

It works. Thanks for your help.

The loss of batteries in my L+H is becoming more and more frequent, which makes me unable to simulate and calculate. I have reinstalled the rhino, but it hasn’t improved.
Please help solve this problem.


This is my file. I used another computer and found that the battery was missing. Whether is my file has a problem?

6.5office wwr.gh (674.4 KB)
openofficeroom.3dm (46.8 KB)
CHN_Shaanxi.Xian.570360_CSWD.epw (1.7 MB)

In case installation is not successful you can always copy the files manually as I mentioned before. It has nothing to do with your file/s. Grasshopper loads the UserObjects that are located inside UserObjects folder.

OK!Thanks for your help.