Honeybee Modeling


Hi , I’m new at honeybee so that have a question about Honeybee Modeling

I’m trying to energy simulate some space using energyPlus , But I heard there is a special modeling method for this simulation. Let me try to explain by example.

This image is example of spaces and the lines means wall so this spaces is consist of 4 space.

And this image is colored by space for energy simulation. I have been going extrude these each colored lines and simulate energy simulation.

But here is my question.

If I had tried to simulate Energy simulation with daylighting simulation , is it Okey using same model in Daylighting Simulation and Energy Simulation?

And I had another question

If walls was constructed like image(there is a interior wall in the middle, but this walls did not divide space) , How can I modeling this?
forumQ-modeling.gh (600.5 KB)

Here is my sample GH file, I had no idea how could simulate same model both in energy , daylightin simulation.
Have any Idea for me?


Yes. Honeybee models are compatible both with Radiance and EnergyPlus.

That wall won’t be part of the energy model but you can add it as a Honeybee surface to your daylight model and it will be included.

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Thank you for comment @mostapha !

But I had another question after seeing your comment.

I think the space I questioned is totally not separated by wall, But I think there is some Energy difference in A part and B part.

But your answer is Honeybee doesn’t care about the wall in the middle, Then is Honeybee recognize the part of A and B is same space?
Is it Okey to insist the result correct?


In honeybee , if I set default setting except for space’s material, where is the location air conditioners or something like make an effect of annual energy consumption?

In real world , is there no Energy consumption difference because of the relationship the space like above with air conditioner’s location?

I need to proved the quality of the result and beginner…so that had many questions.

Sorry And Really Thank you about comment again, @mostapha


It looks like you need to read a little bit more about thermal zones in energy models before moving forward. See this document:


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Thank you @mostapha !